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Misthalin is one of 2006Scape's Major Kingdoms. Activies such as, Trading, MiningSmithing, Woodcutting, Runecrafting, Fishing, and more are peformed here, and there are many more skills and related activies to be done in the area. There are a total of 4 Banks and 3 Altars in Misthalin. It is currently ruled by King Roald, who resides in the Varrock Palace.




The kingdom's largest city and capital, Varrock's centre is visited often by players willing to trade/sell items, inluding rares. Because of this, it is suggested you go here if you are looking for a certain item, but be warned that these players can be scammers as well.

Draynor Village


The smallest town in the kingdom is visited often for willow woodcutting and fishing, and stealing from the local market. Until Vampire Slayer is completed, each night, the Vampire in the haunted mansion Draynor Manor(located north) terrorizes the town. Lumbridge lies to the east, and border with Asgarnia is to the west.


The town of Lumbridge, except for the south-east bit of desert,which is Al-Kharid.

This is where new players arrive after completing Tutorial Island, and where players respawn after they die. The town gets it's name from River Lum, found directly east of here. Here, low level players train to grasp further the basics of the game.(Even though they completed Tutorial Island, there is still much to learn, such using a mill to make Flour.) Varrock is North of here, and the border with Al-Kharid is east.


Top floor of the Cooking Guild.

So far in 2006Scape, there are only 2 Guilds in Misthalin; The Cooking Guild, for players with level 31 or higher in the cooking skill, and the Champions' Guild, famous for having the Quest Dragon Slayer, requires 33 or more Quest points to get in.

Second floor of the Champions' Guild.